Can sore throat occur during pollen allergy?

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A sore throat can cause discomfort, swelling or pain in the throat. This can be uncomfortable for many individuals that can even affect with swallowing. Pollen allergy can lead to the production of histamine which triggers irritation and inflammation in the throat. Once the throat starts to swell, it becomes highly sensitive. The ideal treatment for a sore throat due to pollen allergy is to avoid being exposed to pollen and treat the allergic reaction with medication such as antihistamine. In case the sore throat persists, it is best to seek medical care since it might be an indication of a serious condition. Prompt treatment is required once the initial signs and symptoms of a sore throat occur. When it comes to allergies, it is best that you are prepared with the steps to carry out to help ease the symptoms. All you have to do is to enroll in a course on first aid today in your area.

Throat discomfort

The throat discomfort is the usual symptom of a sore throat due to pollen allergy. It is important to note that the throat can become irritated by the allergen, resulting to a scratchy sensation that can be uncomfortable for many individuals. If not treated right away, the throat will become inflamed, affecting the ability of the individual to swallow food and saliva. The discomfort can turn to pain and eventually affect the voice box. The irritation due to pollen allergy will leave the throat prone to secondary infection such as strep throat.

Sore throat-pollen allergy
The throat discomfort is the usual symptom of a sore throat due to pollen allergy.

Hoarseness and wheezing

The sore throat that is caused by pollen allergy can result to hoarseness and wheezing. Once the throat becomes irritated, the larynx is affected, thus resulting to hoarseness of the voice. The hoarseness is described as a scratchy voice and inability of the individual to produce clear and precise sounds. As for the wheezing, it can develop due to a sore throat from pollen allergy. This can be a combination of asthmatic reactions and irritation of the throat. Wheezing is a high-pitched sound due to the constricted airways of the individual. In case wheezing is accompanied by difficulty in breathing, medical care is required.

Postnasal drip

It is important to note that postnasal drip is a usual symptom among individuals who have pollen allergy. The allergy can instigate the sinuses to produce excessive amount of mucus which results to excessive drainage in the rear part of the throat. The mucus has the tendency to buildup, thus leading to irritation of the throat. In case the mucus stays in the throat for a long period, it will allow the growth of bacteria and eventually an infection. If the sore throat is accompanied by dark, dense, yellow-colored mucus, a doctor must be consulted since this indicates that a secondary infection has developed.

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