Measures to relieve arthritis pain at home

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If an individual is experiencing the early symptoms of arthritis, it is vital to know that there are measures to provide pain relief at home. Remember that even if an individual has been diagnosed by a doctor, he/she can experience flare-ups that require quick relief. Despite a regular treatment routine, flare-ups can occur especially when the individual engages in certain activities vigorously.

Some might have overlooked these simple solutions that can provide pain relief to arthritis. These can help the individual go through the day or allow him/her to get some sleep at night. Just remember though to consult the doctor regarding a long-term pain relief tactic or treatment.

Application of cold or heat

Applying heat or cold is simple, inexpensive and readily available. Frozen gel packs or heating pads are often utilized to soothe sore joints. In most circumstances, choosing between cold and heat is a personal preference.

Heat works by improving the circulation and relaxes the muscles. As for ice packs, they dull pain, minimize joint swelling and inflammation as well as obstruct nerve impulses to a sore joint.

Applying heat or cold is simple, inexpensive and readily available. Frozen gel packs or heating pads are often utilized to soothe sore joints.

Warm soak

An effective measure to soothe the pain is a warm soak. There are a number of explanations why a warm soak works effectively. Take note that soaking reduces the gravity that compresses a sore joint.

It also helps reduce the swelling and inflammation while increasing the circulation. A warm soak for 20 minutes is enough but make the necessary adjustments if needed. Even though some recommend the addition of Epsom salts to the warm soak, it should only be used occasionally.

Adequate rest

Rest is required if the individual experiences joint pain. Just remember though that even though rest can help reduce the pain, it is only encouraged for short periods of time. The individual must resume normal activity as soon as possible.

Joint supports

Take note that supports are utilized to stabilize a sore joint, reduce pain and protect the joint. There are supports available for any joint in the body and readily on hand in the market. These joint supports are made out of various materials and available in different styles. The individual should look for suitable options and consider buying one just in case.

Topical pain relievers

There are several topical pain relievers available in the market. These are applied to the skin and most can be purchased over-the-counter. Topical gels, creams and ointments work by soothing minor arthritis and muscle pain.

Some of these products include an active ingredient called as salicylate. Others contain the pain-relieving effects of menthol or capsaicin.

Over-the-counter pain medications

The individual should consult a doctor first before using any over-the-counter pain medications. He/she should discuss what is currently used for the pain and what is being considered. The individual should ask the doctor if he/she can use naproxen, ibuprofen or acetaminophen once the joint pain intensifies.

Determine if it is safe to mix over-the-counter medications with prescriptions drugs normally taken or if it is not allowed.

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